woman smiling: I feel valued woman smiling: I feel Valued
man smiling: I add Value man smiling: I add value
three people smiling: I value others three people smiling: I value others


The University of Miami is a values-based and purpose-driven organization that strives to create a culture of belonging, where every person  feels valued and has an opportunity to add value.

To promote a culture of belonging, the University developed a set of common values, leadership expectations, and service standards that increase  engagement, productivity, and positive outcomes. The University of Miami promotes these principles through various programs and initiatives.

If we are not deliberate about creating the conditions that encourage real bridging, we are left with multiplicity rather than real diversity.
Take 5 minutes and send a note of gratitude to a fellow ’Cane.
Recognize a fellow ’Cane for exhibiting one of the University’s values. The more they earn, the more badges they get!

Looking to connect with other ’Canes around a shared interest or hobby? Check out the University’s own meet-up tool.

Resources to help support 'Canes.

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