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University of Miami’s Intergroup Dialogue Programs

 Intergroup dialogue is a face-to-face facilitated conversation between members of two or more social identity groups that strives to create new levels of understanding, relating, and action (Xuniga, 2003). The University’s intergroup dialogue initiative includes the following programs:

Intergroup Dialogue Undergraduate Course (EPS 430)—Offered through the Educational and Psychological Studies department of the School of Education and Human Development, EPS 430 is open to all undergraduate students and has no prerequisites. It is part of Community and Applied Psychological Studies major, and is also part of the cognate Belonging in a Diverse Society: Intersections of Culture, Identity, and Social Justice. There are three versions of this course, each focusing on a particular set of social identities:

  • race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status
  • gender and sexual orientation
  • spirituality and worldviews

UDialogue Program for Faculty and Staff—The UDialogue program provides an opportunity for participants to engage in dialogue across difference. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss social identities and intersectionality in relation to race, ethnicity, SES, gender, and sexual orientation, with an emphasis on social justice. The program focuses on understanding of perspectives and ideas that facilitate intellectual advancement as well as personal development as members of the UM community and the larger community in which we are situated. This yearlong program meets approximately once per month. Enrollment is limited. If you are interested in enrolling, please contact Miriam Lipsky at miriam.lipsky@miami.edu.

Co-curricular Programs—A variety of co-curricular programs for dialogue across difference and discussion of social identities are available by request. Please contact Miriam Lipsky (miriam.lipsky@miami.edu) for more information.

Here’s what participants are saying about Intergroup Dialogue and UDialogue:

"I believe that ignorance leads to misunderstanding and fear, which leads to anger and hate. This program, just by the very nature of bringing diverse individuals together to have rich conversations about important topics is the type of thing that cures that issue at the root--it allows people to know each other, understand each other, and as a result, appreciate and care for one another more deeply." – UDialogue participant

"Good readings, excellent facilitation, meaningful conversations with colleagues with diverse life experiences. The structured exercises were particularly thought-provoking. Excellent all around!" – UDialogue participant

"We live in an environment where sensitive issues are often suppressed in fear of offending someone if we speak our minds. The UDialogue program helped me realize that not only is it OK to talk about these things, but that dialogue is an essential aspect to trying to resolve them." – UDialogue participant

"I feel like I have learned two very important things from this class. First, I have learned that there are not enough opportunities for people to engage in dialogue across difference. Secondly, that we, for some reason, always preface dialogue across difference as being difficult, but this class showed that it does not have to be difficult at all..." – undergraduate student

"In the past eleven weeks, I have learned more about myself than I did in all four years of high school….” – undergraduate student

"I think I have benefited immensely from being a member of my dialogue. In some interactions, I have wanted to explain and understand how some people form their opinions on social justice matters, and have not had the tools to do so. I feel like this class has given me those tools…." – undergraduate student