Leadership Expectations

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Leadership Expectations and Behaviors


Builds Trust: Able to be transparent by being authentic, conveying trust and communicating openly, while involving key stakeholders in decision-making. I will...

  • Practice humility and openness
  • Conduct regular 1:1 meetings with individual team members
  • Share information in a timely and effective manner
  • Involve my team in making decisions that improve our processes


Visionary: Able to take a long-term perspective, conveying a belief in an outcome, and displaying the confidence to reach goals.  I will...

  • Connect people to the long-term outcomes of their day-to-day tasks
  • Advise staff and faculty to create goals that move the organization continuously towards excellence
  • Coach others on generating solutions that help us reach our goals


Inspirational:  Able to inspire and motivate others in a positive manner.   I will...

  • Promote a positive and optimistic workplace
  • Redirect conversations to be positive, reducing/discouraging negativity in the workplace
  • Regularly use stories about my colleagues to positively illustrate business insights/objectives


Serves Others: Able to remove hassles and roadblocks so that others can accomplish tasks and goals. I will...

  • Be approachable and accessible
  • Actively listen to team members and follow-up on their concerns
  • Ask staff members “How can I help you?” at the end of each status update meeting
  • Encourage and facilitate collaboration for stakeholders to work together to accomplish tasks and goals


People Developer: Able to provide opportunities for people to be better, know better, and do better. I will...

  • Encourage and support training and development for staff and faculty
  • Provide timely and effective feedback
  • Meet with staff regularly to discuss their professional and personal development opportunities
  • Continually develop myself as a leader


Courageous: Able to seek out opportunities for continuous improvement, and fearless in intervening in challenging situations. I will...

  • Recognize opportunities to identify challenges and propose solutions
  • Seek new ways of doing things to improve processes and solve problems
  • Do what is “right” rather than what might be “popular”

Decisive:Able to make informed decisions in a timely fashion.  I will...

  • Educate myself before making decisions
  • Consider how decisions will affect my team and others
  • Know when to make decisions and when to empower team members to make them


Business Acumen: Able to understand and transact business in a manner that leads to the best outcomes.  I will...

  • Be responsive and professional
  • Communicate expectations and hold my team accountable for
  • service excellence
  • Know the business and operation of my unit/department/division to achieve the most positive outcomes